Product Comparison Chart

Product Comparison Matrix

Format Type Resolution Camera Movement Reflections Applications
Tricaster .psd 2880x1620 Yes - up to 200% Yes Virtual Set Editor
vMix .xml 2880x1620 Yes - up to 200% Yes vMix
Wirecast .xml 1920x1080 No No Wirecast
Livestream .lsgfx 1920x1080 No No Livestream
HD Editors .png 1920x1080 Yes - on lower res projects Yes Premiere, FCP, Resolve, Avid, Open Broadcaster Studio, Livestream, XSplit
4K Editors .png 4520x2540 Yes - on lower res projects Yes Premiere, FCP, Resolve, Avid
HD Extreme .psd 2880x1620 Yes - 150% zoom in HD Yes Photoshop, Virtual Set Editor, After Effects
Photoshop .psd 1920x1080 No Yes Photoshop
After Effects .aep 1920x1080 No Yes After Effects


Popular Categories
Tutorial Videos
  • 1920x1080 .png files with alpha
  • Royalty Free Use: No Monthly Contract
  • Includes 16 Angles: Dozen+ Camera Angles
  • Electronic Delivery: Instant Download
  • Multiple Layers Allows For Complete Customization Of Design
  • Replace B and C images with your own video and images
  • Available in SD, HD, and 4K resolutions
  • Available as layered .png files or as a photoshop .psd file
  • After Effect .aep, vMix, Tricaster, Wirecast formats
  • Watermarked Demo Available: Try Now!

We can take any of our virtual sets and change them to meet your needs:

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