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Virtual Set Studios To Chroma Key Talent

Our virtual sets are designed to work with any program or hardware with a chroma keyer. To Chroma Key your talent into our virtual sets you will need a green screen, lighting, camera, and some software or hardware that has a Chroma Keyer.

To Chroma Key you will work either in Post or Live depending on your application. Most hardware and some software is live where the signal of your talent is fed into the system and keyed live into our virtual set studios. The system chroma keys only the green areas of the green screen (preferably well lit) and what is left is your composite of talent and virtual set.

Examples are:

Software Hardware
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Apple Final Cut
Blackmagic Design Resolve
Production Bot
Grass Valley
Broadcast Pix
Ross Video

Our virtual sets are available in different formats depending on your needs and choice of platform:

  • HD 1920x1080
  • 4K 4520x2540 (greater than 4K)
  • HD Extreme 2880x1620 Layered Photoshop
  • PSD 1920x1080 Layered Photoshop
  • Tricaster Virtual Set Editor
  • vMix
  • Wirecast
  • After Effects Project


Each set comes with:

  • 16 Angles: Center, Left, Right, and Alt angles at four zoom levels
  • Layers for Desks to put your talent behind
  • Layers for Screens to put your content in
  • Amazing USA based support


Tricaster Virtual Set Editor Virtualsetworks Virtual Set


Complete flexibility

Choose from over a dozen angles and zoom levels. Each set has numerous layers to configure the set exactly as you need or edit in Photoshop for even more customization.

Greater than HD resolutions ensures you can frame each shot the way you want and do camera pans and zooms live.

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Choose from over one hundred different virtual sets in Tricaster Virtual Set Editor format. Or try our Virtual Set Pack Volumes: collections of ten virtual sets at a reduced price saving you even more.

Virtual Set Editor

Tricaster Virtual Set Editor Virtual Studio

Infuse your brand into custom, full-color animated effects and transitions with alpha channel and embedded audio to craft a signature look and feel for your show with the included Animation Store Creator. Enhance multi-camera switching with visual effects like real-time cloth dynamics, warping transformations, and motion overlays. And generate frame buffer animations from original image sequences and short video clips to create a library of visuals you can call up on demand or loop continuously during your show.

Popular Categories
Tutorial Videos
  • 1920x1080 .png files with alpha
  • Royalty Free Use: No Monthly Contract
  • Includes 16 Angles: Dozen+ Camera Angles
  • Electronic Delivery: Instant Download
  • Multiple Layers Allows For Complete Customization Of Design

We can take any of our virtual sets and change them to meet your needs:

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