Custom Virtual Set Studio Design

Virtualsetworks can take your vision and make it a virtual reality. With only a written description and or pictures, we can quote your set and build it for your platform, in your timeframe.
We've designed hundreds of virtual set studios over the last two decades and can bring that experience to bear on your project.
Price based on complexity. We can create a quote and turnaround based on a description of the work.
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Astag came to us with a unique vision to design a custom virtual set studio for their multilingual program. They wanted something light and modern and conveyed their company ethic.
virtual set
Internation Insitute of Learning

International Institute of Learning

IIL wanted a set with a number of floating colored animated screens representing the 4 elements of corporate responsibility. The colored screens brought focus to them from the otherwise greyscale background.


Shorelight wanted to develop a prototype for a large scale e-learning platform. The design had to incorporate the school logo, colors, and background as well as provide a number of areas and regions for interacting with real world props like screens and document presenters.
EMC Insider


EMC wanted a behind the scenes production of their popular IT Insider show. Virtualsetworks was tasked with creating the backstage for the set where interviews and intermediate content could be conducted. We added some stage props to the backside of the IT Insider cyc and a screen to bring up clips.


MTV wanted to create an animated background for their webisode series that was modern and clever but not distracting. The set was designed to accomodate a series of video elements that would be run through in sequence.
MTV Virtual Set
Callaway Golf Set

Callaway Golf

Callaway needed a set where they could do rundowns on the latest golf headlines. The set included some subtle animation and changeable logo based on what branding they needed. Virtualsetworks also provided the rundown content and template.

Big Win

Big Win needed to integrate phyiscal and virtual elements so planning the camera positions and lens parameters was an additional challenge.
Big Win 1
Internation Insitute of Learning

Big Win

The set for Big Win presented a number of challenges. The client was using a Tricaster 420 and needed to integrate both a screen and animated background. A custom template and mapping was created to feed the Tricaster a single stream which was then divided to the screen and the background animation.

CBS Sports

CBS needed an existing set they had ported for use with the Tricaster. Virtualsetworks took the elements of the set and created a multiangle project that could be edited before each production to accomodate the number of guests on a per show basis.
IIL Blackbird

International Institute of Learning

IIL wanted to create a Skunkworks Hangar feel for their tracking shots. Multiple angles and models were used to create an immersive feel for the set.

National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center needed a new set for when weather strikes. They were looking for something updated and contemporary and gave a sense of urgency.
National Hurricane Center Set
The Pulse Network Set

The Pulse Network

The Pulse needed a virtual studio for their Tricaster that met their design standards and could be purposed for a large number of uses, stand up presentation, news, and interviews.



EMC requested a design for one of their events themed around a stadium network news desk to do live updates.
Big Win 1
Internation Insitute of Learning


Yellowspanner needed to take their set designed for a Microsoft event and convert it for use with a Tricaster. Virtualsetworks added the metadata to scale the talent into the set with reflections and add video as well as camera moves between the screen area and desk.

History Parade

History Parade was looking for a set that they could take viewers through multiple time periods. A museum theme was chosen with different halls representing different cultures and historical eras.
IIL Blackbird

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon was commisioned to create a game show based on ecological concepts. Harvest Moon turned to Virtualsetworks to turn that concept into a virtual game show set.

Nite Bites

Nite Bites wanted to create a set based the decor of their studio, an eclectic mix of broadway and old western posters.
National Hurricane Center Set
The Pulse Network Set

International Institute of Learning

IIL wanted a set where they could have a multiple guest panel and camera movement to move from one guest to the next in a light, airy environment.






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We can take any of our virtual sets and change them to meet your needs:

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