Custom Virtual Set Modification

Virtualsetworks stocks over 100 virtual set designs. Many customers require specific needs from their sets beyond what they are able to do themselves including color and texture changes, logo addition, background changes, camera positioning, element removal, and platform specific requests. Virtualsetworks can customize any of our existing virtual sets to meet your needs at a fraction of the cost of a custom virtual set. Below are some examples of the work we have done to modify our sets for clients.
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Price based on complexity. We can create a quote and turnaround based on a description of the work.

Washington Post

The Washington Post wanted a set for their online web programs with enhanced branding. WP chose Studio 164 to modify with their logo and a skyline of the capital.
virtual set
Internation Insitute of Learning


MoneyGram wanted to brand Studio 181 and make some changes to the color and monitor configurations for use with their Tricaster.


WebMD asked Virtualsetworks to modify Studio 113 to a cool blue theme and add their logos to the screens.
EMC Insider

Living Waters

Living Waters wanted scenes from their community to overlaid on the back of Studio 186 and camera positioning changes for use in their Tricaster.

Advancing Vision

Advancing Vision's "Girlfriend Get A Lift TV Show" set took Virtualsetworks Studio 159, removed the desk, changed the coloration and replace the skyline and control room with their logos and modified it for use with a vMix GO live production system.
MTV Virtual Set
Callaway Golf Set


Playboy wanted to modify Studio 113 to meet the theme for their online series. Extensive changes were made to add a desk and theme the colors after their color scheme.

Gemological Institute Of America

The GIA needed a modified version of Studio 185 to showcase different gems each episode. The screen was modified to showcase the gem chart.
Big Win 1
Internation Insitute of Learning


Kinzie's Fresh Cow show needed modifications to Studio 166 as an animated backdrop with their color scheme.

Get Rocked

Get Rocked wanted a modified version of Studio 140 to showcase their products on the virtual set walls.
IIL Blackbird


Océ, a Canon company, wanted to change Studio 178 to their color scheme, add Las Vegas in the background, and add their logo in the middle of the set.


Timescape's American Rider 360 production needed a modification of Studio 113 to embody the great outdoors and riding spirit.
National Hurricane Center Set
The Pulse Network Set

Future Media Concepts

FMC chose Studio 190 and wanted an atmosphere overhaul making the set darker and adding their color scheme as well as their own desk into the set.


Rising Star

Rising Star chose Studio 97 to modify with their emblem, change camera angles, and incorporate into a Tricaster.
Big Win 1
Internation Insitute of Learning

Agencia Peru

Agencia Peru's Mira Quien Habla program needed Studio 89 adapted for use with a vMix GO system and their logos and colors.

News Insurances

News Insurances wanted to take Studio 182 and modify it with their logo and colors for use with a Tricaster.
IIL Blackbird


MPirical asked Virtualsetworks to modify Studio 183 by changing the color scheme and adding a podium.

MedCast Plus

MedCast Plus had Studio 180 Modified with their logo and moving the screen as well as changing camera angles.
National Hurricane Center Set
The Pulse Network Set

Canadian Business Spotlight

CBS chose Studio 179 to modify with their color scheme, background and images.






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We can take any of our virtual sets and change them to meet your needs:

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